Council Members

Chris Tarrant


I have been a Pickmere Parish Councillor for 12 years and have lived in the village with my wife and family for 32 years. I am now retired, but my professional life as a General Manager, Operations Manager and Customer Service Executive spans retail, services, financial services, IT and Call Centre management. Beyond the pleasure of living in the village and contributing to its care, I have represented the village and helped win two planning appeals to protect our cherished greenbelt, am an active and participative officer of Pickmere Community Group and have been a regular representative of our community for 10 years at Manchester Airport liaison meetings. More recently I have been a staunch critic of HS2 and particularly its impact on Pickmere and surrounding parishes. I am currently working with others to improve the playground and to initiate a Neighbourhood Plan. I am also a keen photographer and interested in local history.