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Jack Steel – Clerk to the Parish Council

Parish Clerk

Having lived in Pickmere since 2011 (and like many people, visited the lake as a boy quite a lot of years ago), I previously worked for 30 years in local government and in private practice as a town planner, before moving to live with my wife Liz in France for 8 years, where we were each self-employed in various realms of activity. Having spent a few years in retirement in Pickmere, I applied for the post of Parish Clerk when the previous clerk retired.  Since that time it has provided me with plenty to help occupy my life, and plenty of new things to learn!  I now know a lot more about the parish than I did several years ago and have been grateful for the help and fellowship of the members of the Parish Council, who are now as much friends as employers, and I hope that together, our efforts have a significant and positive impact on the life and environment of Pickmere’s residents.