1 Feb 2022 8.2 Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Minutes 11th January 2022

February 2022 Uploaded on January 27, 2022

Minutes from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Meeting Tuesday
11th January 2022 – online
1. Attendees – CT, SF, GE, SR, AB
2. Apologies – WR, SW, LMcG
3. Matters arising
a. Further confirmation required of the date for Lucy Hughes to
attend a meeting – see below – AB
b. AB and CT will contact the Clerk for a refresher course on adding
information to the PC NP webpage
c. Stakeholder list – see later in meeting notes
d. AB to chase DB for artwork for poster and questionnaire
e. Ecology studies – see later in meeting notes
f. AB previously circulated email from LH with details of other
ecology studies
g. Launch meeting and questionnaire – see later in meeting notes
h. Inclusion of Consultation and Support Group – see later in meeting
4. Revised dates for launch & distribution of questionnaire
a. It was agreed that 3 date combinations be offered to the absent
colleagues for a final decision
i. 5th & 8th March
ii. 12th & 15th March
iii. 19th & 22nd March
b. AB will advise group via WhatsApp
c. It was agreed that the questionnaire will still go out as planned
w/b 24th January 2022 delivered by the SG members using the
Pickmere Press routes but specific persons were not assigned to
specific routes as yet
d. SR confirmed he had discussed new routes with DB
e. It was agreed that a “post it note” style items be added to the front
page of the questionnaire adding that one of the team would
collect on specific dates which are 8th/9th/10th February between
7-8pm or that drop off could be at SR’s address.
f. AB agreed to print and distribute a note to be put through doors
saying that the SG had called to collect survey and if no contact
made or survey collected then to drop off at SR’s house.
g. AB to confirm all with DB asap.
h. SR agreed to identify a list of all addresses
i. It was agreed to add a named SG member to each address but task
not assigned.
j. It was agreed for SG members to take spare questionnaires along
on collection visits
k. SR is to advise who has dropped off any questionnaires to save
collectors returning
l. It was agreed that any decisions required on the above could be
achieved via the WhatsApp group for speed. AB to coordinate.
m. It was agreed to collate the survey information w/b 14th February
in time for the launch meetings whatever the date agreed – no
specific persons assigned to collate but style was discussed as a
blank excel spreadsheet that GE could create so multiple persons
can access at the same time and update. It was noted that a 60
response rate would be a good response. rate
n. It was noted that that timescale would give the SG 2 weeks to print
results for the launches
o. It was agreed that for this survey the written words offered by
responders may have to be redacted – it was agreed to revisit
when the written responses would be included – no specific
persons assigned
5. It was subsequently agreed therefore to keep the date for the next
meeting as the 22nd February and to invite the Consultation and Support
Group to that meeting – in person – along with Lucy Hughes – AB to send
agreed/drafted email.
a. It was agreed that the SG do a formal presentation to the C & SG at
that meeting – no person assigned to this presentation or its
6. Ecology studies
a. SF reported on contact made with Toby from UES who has done
previous village work and knows the area. SF confirmed any
report from this source would be desk based as would probably be
others. It was noted that the quote had not yet been received.
b. AB agreed to contact WR to ask her to share her ecology research
to date
c. SR discussed the possibility of using locals to enhance the required
ecology information utilising local knowledge. It was noted that
whoever we choose for the ecology study would provide the
professional framework but that local information could help but
would have to be framed in such way as to enhance/compliment
the professional information. No decision as to the final inclusion
or format of such information was agreed.
d. It was agreed that all SG members revisit plans identified by SF
and LH who have included ecology plans.
7. Finance
a. GE reported the need for a “proposed spending column” to be
added to the live spreadsheet with approximate figures which
could be amended on receipt of formal quotes or invoices
b. It was noted that an approximate ceiling of expenditure for the
ecology study could be set at £2000 which the PC members could
take to the PC for approval without further PC consideration
c. It was noted that the money received to develop the NP must be
officially spent by the end of the financial year or returned and
reapplied for.
d. It was noted that there would be a further invoice from Lucy
Hughes for meeting attendance and emailed responses. GE to
contact LH for prospective figures. It was also noted that GE would
contact DB for prospective figures for next artwork for poster and
8. Next steps
a. It was agreed that given Pickmere’s lack of extensive listed or
buildings of historical note that a professional building survey was
not required
b. It was noted that SW had sent a starting list for other stakeholders
to be contacted including the following
i. The Fram Club
ii. Whittakers Builders
iii. Camargue Chambers
iv. 3 Shires
v. Akribis Scientific
vi. Muddy Paws
vii. Pickmere Stud
viii. Style Matters
ix. WAP Lawton
c. The following were added after discussion
i. The Methodist Chapel/Church
ii. Residents Association
iii. Pickmere Community Group
iv. Pickmere Art Group
v. Pickmere Table Tennis Group
vi. Pickmere WI
vii. Zumba group
viii. Manchester University/Joderell Bank
ix. Opus Creatvive
x. Platts Business Park and associated business
xi. Pickmere Country House
xii. Red Lion Public House
xiii. United Utilities
xiv. BT
xv. The new business taking over Pickmere Perennials
xvi. Sale Moor Angling Club
xvii. Paul? – Builder
xviii. D & G buses
xix. DEFRA
d. It was agreed that all members could to add to this list
e. SF urged other members to visit the Knutsford NP list of
stakeholders and AB asked the members to revisit other NP
already mentioned to see their lists of stakeholders as well.
f. AB offered to use a credit checking agency she has access to, to see
registered businesses within the Pickmere postcodes. AB asked to
be reminded if she had circulated a list of Pickmere
Postcodes/roads with the PC SG members. Nothing was confirmed.
g. CT offered to contact SW with help contacting DEFRA and other
relevant bodies related to farming.
9. AOB – none