4 October 2022 7.5 Update re costs of large IROS Waste Bin

October 2022 Uploaded on September 29, 2022


4th October 2022



1.1 Following discussion at the Council meeting on 20 July 2021 and consideration of quotations Council authorised the Clerk in conjunction with the Chair to commission provision and servicing of a large waste bin during summer months if suitable arrangements could be made at reasonable cost. Subsequently, Ash Waste Services Ltd were commissioned to supply a 1100 litre bin, and to empty it weekly between 1st April and 30th September; during winter months the bin would remain on Council property but would not be used. The initial costs agreed were rental £3/month (excl. VAT), plus £12 (excl. VAT) per lift (emptying). For a full year the total cost envisaged in the budget was £350, excl. VAT.

1.2 In July 2022 Council resolved to continue their contract with Ash Waste.

1.3 However, two factors have become relevant since the original quote:
• Ash Waste increased their price structure several months ago such that while rental remains at £3, the price per lift increased to £15, which Council has previously been made aware of. A further price increase notification has been received in the last few days. The original quotation related to a weight of 70 kilos of waste per lift. Above that weight a charge is levied of £0.27 per kilo. Thus for, example, the monthly bill for July included 98 kilos above the base amount (over 5 lifts), and for August, 30 additional kilos (over 4 lifts).

1.4 The emptying of the bin for the current year ceased at the end of September, which means that the waste collection for the summer period has been £540. Rental costs during winter are minimal.

1.5 Your Clerk has no reason to question the performance of Ash Waste – while there have been one or two issues about collections/emptying during the summer, these have been partly because Ash Waste could not access the bin to empty it due to either the volume of waste surrounding the bin or due to parked vehicles obstructing the space for collection. There is no reason to believe that any other waste collection company would have made any difference.

1.6 The reason for reporting on this matter is simply to highlight the fact that having provided this waste bin service primarily to accommodate the waste provided by visitors to Pickmere, almost inevitably the amount of waste provided is greater than perhaps was envisaged, and this results in a significant overall cost to the Parish Council which should logically be funded from the precept rather than from any financial reserves the Council may hold.

1.7 Such an outcome should sensibly be accommodated in the upcoming budget consideration for the financial year 2023-24, perhaps moderated to some degree if the proposed IROS fence is to be erected and operated as previously agreed by Council.


2.1 That members note the report.


Jack Steel
Clerk to the Parish Council