9.12 Report – Asset Maintenance Programme

July 2021 Uploaded on July 15, 2021

20th July 2021
1.1 The status of current programme items is as follows:
 Co-ordinated signs at the IROS: Signs erected.
 Replacement Noticeboards: Now installed.
 Replacement pavilion doors: Doors installed.
 Clover Drive Play Area: The Play Area Working Group is continuing its work.
 Open lakeside land r/o Jacob’s Way houses – establishment of maintenance regime:
Implementation of programme under way
 Village Hall – replacement skirting: A contractor has been instructed to replace some of the
skirting board in the Village Hall.
 Village Hall Noticeboard: A contractor has been instructed to carry out a renovation of the
Village Hall noticeboard.
 Lakeside platform: A contractor has been instructed to remove the current platform to
enable consideration of what might be the appropriate next step.
 Lakeside path: Following refurbishment of the path there has been some damage caused
by run-off in heavy rain. Options are currently being explored – probably either the
installation of some form of cut-off drain at the bottom of the tarmacked roadway, or
possibly the extension of the tarmac surface down to the interpretation boards.
1.2 A number of maintenance items have been added to the list but work has not yet been
programmed on them:
o Re-point cement on roof eaves
o Repair and repaint fascia boards
o Remove moss from roof
o Repair or remove hanging basket brackets
o Paint metal benches
o Treat wooden tables with wood stain
o Re-paint fascias
o Review options for maintaining and/or improving the car park
1.4 In considering the above items, regard should be had to the Council’s strategy in terms of the
future of the two buildings. It may be thought desirable to give some further consideration to
this in the near future.
1.5 Members have discussed the state of the Cheshire railings on Pickmere Lane opposite the Red
Lion in recent months. CEC has now confirmed that the land and railings are within its
ownership/control, and as a result CEC has been requested to suggest which officer might be
able to discuss the future of the railings. So far a response has not been received to this request.
In this context, it may be appropriate (to save further delay later) to seek quotations for either
the repair or the replacement of the current railings, so that this information is to hand when
CEC respond.
2.1 That members note the report and give consideration to the above.
J Steel
Clerk to Parish Council