9.8 Report – Village Signage

July 2021 Uploaded on July 15, 2021

20th JULY 2021
Agenda item 9.8 VILLAGE SIGNAGE
Contact has been made with Cheshire East to determine the process for the Parish Council to
upgrade its current village name signage and add extra speed change demarcation signage.
1. The process consists of completing a generic form from Cheshire East (CE) which is a
form for “brown” tourist signs ostensibly which is then posted to CE with an
accompanying letter and a cheque for £100 which is a non-refundable fee to allow CE
to survey the relevant locations for said signage alterations.
3. I do have the name of a helpful contact now at CE who directed me to this part of the
process after failing to get help elsewhere.
4. I have details of other local village signage that has been identified as being of interest
to Pickmere.
5. I have “in principle” costs of each type identified so far, as being of interest, subject
to final designs and materials chosen.
6. To consider spending the £100 I would expect that we as a PC need to agree
beforehand to:-
a. Upgrading the signs
b. The sites that need to be surveyed by CE
c. The styles of signs we wish to upgrade to
Cllr Alison Bold
15TH JUNE 2021