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HS2 News


The Secretary of State for Transport on 24 January 2022 deposited in Parliament the Hybrid Bill for the construction of HS2B – from Crewe to Manchester. The various Bill and plan documents have been supplied to the Council. These plans contain some amendments resulting from the previous consultation processes, but do not meet Council’s detailed objections in full, and obviously do not respond to Council’s overriding objection to the project as a whole.

Three final opportunities were available to object to the bill – both the principle and the details of the scheme:

  • To object to the principle of the scheme as a whole, it was necessary to lobby our MP before the Second reading debate on the Bill (which will take place in the coming weeks).
  • There was a separate “Consultation” on the Environmental Statement accompanying the Bill, which sets out the environmental impact of the scheme in detail. The deadline for submission of comments on this document was 31 March 2022.
  • To object to details of the scheme, certain affected persons, and also other bodies including the Parish Council, are able to ‘petition’ Parliament, from the day after the Second Reading; in the petition the objector summarises their detailed objections; the objections then go before a Select Committee of the House of Commons and then it is understood that representative(s) of the objector can appear before the Select Committee if they wish to further explain their views.

The Parish Council has now submitted its objections to the scheme both in principle and in its details – that is in relation to the first two of the opportunities just described, and it is currently considering how to approach the petitioning stage of the process.

The Parish Council has prepared a working summary of the detailed impacts of the scheme. These can be found on this website under HS2 Documents, or by using this link.

If you require any more information on the proposals or how to object, please contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance.