Extraordinary meeting of the Council – 12 January 2021

An Extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council has been called for Tuesday 12th January specifically to discuss a number of quotations that have been received in respect of various items of proposed work on the Council’s land and property.  The report and quotations will be considered on the Private part of the agenda, from which members of the public will be excluded, since they include information that is commercially sensitive to the various companies and businesses who have submitted figures.  Since that is the only substantive item of business on this agenda, there is no substantive item that members of the public can observe.

The Meeting agenda can be found at  https://pickmereparishcouncil.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1-Council-Agenda-210112.pdf

Welcome to Pickmere Parish Council’s new website!

The Parish Council has a new website! The Council had to replace the current site to comply with recent Government regulations. We hope the new site is more attractive and usable than the old one (and will be easier to use on mobile devices), and it will be simpler to maintain and enhance. Much of the content of the old site has been transferred over, and we hope to add new content as time goes by.

Have a look around, and let us have any comments by using the Contact us page.

New Council projects

Following consideration of the Council’s budget for 2021-22 and other financial matters, we are looking at carrying out a number of maintenance/replacement jobs on various parts of the Council’s property. The biggest of these is the Clover Drive play area. A working group of the Council is now looking into the options for refurbishing or replacing the play equipment, benches, etc., where additional funding might be sourced, and which seem the best companies to quote to do the job. The sub-group hopes to report back to Council in the New Year with some results! In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions as to the type of play equipment or facility that might be desirable, feel free to email the Parish Clerk at clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.com .

The Council has also considered a number of other projects and will be proceeding shortly with the erection of a new lamppost inside the ‘black gates’, which will allow the Council to reopen the gates and bring the lower parking spaces back into use. In addition the Council has commissioned the replacement of the small wooden platform on the lakeside, and is investigating various other improvements.

Boardwalk by the lake

CWAC Council was requested for information about when the boardwalk might be repaired, and has replied with the following information:

The current position unfortunately is that the boardwalk is in a very poor state and is dangerous for use, hence the 6 month closure. The structure is at an age where a stitch in time is not viable so other options are being considered and explored.

We (CWAC) are however in discussions with the landowner as to how we resolve and progress the issue, along with Wincham Parish Council but currently there are no resources to carry out any repairs or to consider replacement.