Pickmere News

Parish Council meeting – Public Forum section

At last evening’s Public Forum section of the Parish Council meeting, two questions were posed by a member of the public.   It is appropriate that the Council’s responses to those questions should be published, so as to prevent the circulation of misinformation.

Parish Poll – persons not on the Electoral Register

A question was asked – who should be “blamed” for the non-appearance of several parish residents’ names on the Electoral Register used for the recent Parish Poll on the proposed IROS fence.   Cheshire East Council (CEC) is responsible for maintaining the Electoral Register for Pickmere.  For the Parish Poll, the Parish Council asked CEC for a copy of the current Register, and this was used for the Poll.  If there were persons missing from the Register supplied by CEC no fault can be ascribed to the Parish Council.  The Poll was advertised as a poll of persons on the Register and obviously it would have been inequitable for exceptions to have been made.

Alleged comments to anglers about the proposed fence.

The acting Parish Clerk is not aware of any person representing the Parish Council speaking to a member of the Angling group which has a licence to fish from the Council’s land and saying that the proposed fence would or would not be erected.