Pickmere News

Parish Poll on the fence proposal – confirmation of result


The Poll was carried out yesterday at the Village Hall. The count of votes was carried out by the Parish Clerk and a responsible person independent of Pickmere; the count was witnessed by a resident of Pickmere, who is also an objector to the fence proposal.

The poll question was: “DO YOU SUPPORT THE NEED FOR A FENCE?”

The result of the poll was as follows:

Those who SUPPORTED the need for a fence: 101
Those who OBJECTED to the need for a fence: 205
Spoiled papers: 1
Total votes cast (incl. spoiled paper) 307
Total no. of residents on the Electoral Register supplied by Cheshire East Council: 641
Turnout: 48%

Apologies are offered to those who have apparently been accepted on the Electoral Register but whose name did not appear on the list provided by Cheshire East and whose votes were therefore not able to be counted. This numbered about 6-8 people.

The results of the poll will be reported to the next meeting of the Parish Council