Pickmere News

Vacancy for 8th Parish Councillor


Pickmere Parish Council is advertising a vacancy for a councillor, in order to return to its full complement of eight members. There are several key projects underway, such as the Pickmere Neighbourhood Plan, and we are hoping that someone who is keen to make a positive contribution to the life and environment of our village will come forward.

The co-option process
There isn’t a local election until May 2023, and co-option is the appropriate and authorised way to fill this vacancy. This is a well-established process with a statutory protocol.

Candidate requirements
There are a number of statutory requirements in relation to the ability of persons to be eligible to act as parish councillors – further details may be obtained from the Parish Clerk (details below). In addition, communication skills, a genuine interest in the parish, a great work ethic and an ability to remain fair and objective, will all stand you in good stead.

The rewards
The councillors’ main role is to represent residents of the parish, keep budgetary control and maintain responsibility for our assets and liaise with the other agencies who have powers, such as Cheshire East Council (e.g. Highways, Planning, Environment) and the Police. Parish councillors are unpaid volunteers and the role is interesting and varied.

To apply
If you fulfil the requirements and you’d like to apply to be co-opted, please email or post your CV along with a letter outlining the reasons why you would make a valuable contribution, to the Parish Clerk at clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.gov.uk / 1 Merehaven Close, Pickmere, Knutsford, WA16 0LP. Applications should be received by 31 May 2022.

We will then hold short interviews with potential candidates before making a final decision. For information, the Council does not have to select any applicant and does not have to give reasons why particular candidates are or are not selected.

Need to know more before applying?
The Clerk will be happy to advise anyone who wishes to discuss the possibility of submitting an application or to provide details on the additional criteria. Please email clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.gov.uk with your contact details.