Pickmere News

Want to do something about vehicles speeding in the village?

The Parish Council has received confirmation from the Police that they are able to train further volunteers for COMMUNITY SPEEDWATCH.  The Council owns its own speed gun, and in the past, volunteers have carried out Speedwatch exercises on Pickmere Lane.

Volunteers work in pairs, and submit details of vehicles found to be speeding to the Police who then follow up the incident by writing to the drivers/vehicle-owners concerned.

The existence of volunteers carrying out this exercise at the roadside has its own effect in slowing vehicles. The more volunteers we have, the more frequently we can carry out Speedwatch checks, and the greater the benefit to the village.

If you are interested in being trained to carry this out, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council on clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.com who will add your name to the list.