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A Parish Poll on the question of the proposed fence at the IROS open space will be held on 21st February



Notice is given that the Parish Council will hold a poll regarding the proposed fence at the IROS, Jacob’s Way. Pickmere

Date: Tuesday 21st February 2023
Venue: Pickmere Village Hall
Timings: Polling will open at 16:00
Polling will close at 21:00

To vote you must attend the Village Hall on the date between the times stipulated.
No votes will be allowed prior to or after the times stated above.
Potential voters will be required to be on the electoral register of the parish and will have to provide proof of identity to the Returning Officer (in accordance with current rules for local elections).

Any queries please contact the Parish Clerk: clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.gov.uk


NOTICE OF POLL re IROS fence Jan 2023