Council Members

Ewan Campbell


I have lived in the village for over 20 years with my wife Kerri and 3 boys, cats, dogs and chickens.

I work in Clinical Research, and ran several business from Mereview Barn for many years. Initially my contribution to village life was (and still is) through sponsorship – Pickmere Press, Warm Welcome etc. but now with a little more time on my hands I very much wanted to contribute in a more active way.   

I am an advocate of supporting the village, buying local and employing local people. 

I am passionate about engagement of the local community and in the improving the village through openness and inclusion.  We are all privileged to live in a village with a beautiful open space. I am, like the majority,  committed to preserve the lake and its access for the benefit of the residents and the wildlife we share it with.

In my spare time I play in and conduct Brass Bands.  I am also a follower of Rugby Union.