Draft Minutes 4th April 2024

Minutes 2024 Uploaded on April 9, 2024



held at 7.45pm on Thursday 4th April 2024

at Pickmere Village Hall, Pickmere Lane, Pickmere



  1. Attendance

Present                           Cllr E Campbell      (Chairman)
*          Cllr C Hart               (Vice Chairman)

Cllr N Greenwood
*          Cllr J Henderson

*          Cllr A Knights

*          Cllr P Knights

*          Cllr L Marshall

Cllr S Read


*          denotes attendance


Also in attendance:     Mrs A Riley – Clerk

Mr R Davenport – Show Director – Cheshire Agricultural Society CIO

Public                              1 member of the public was in attendance.

Apologies                       Apologies had been received from Cllr E Campbell, Cllr S Read and
Cllr N Greenwood.


As Cllr E Campbell was not present Cllr C Hart assumed the role of Chairman for the meeting.
(Standing Orders 1.2.1.)




2.1      Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the meeting of 7th March 2024 were AGREED and signed.


2.2      Matters arising from minutes
It was NOTED that the Neighbourhood Plan Meeting, 3rd April 2024, had been held at 7.30pm and not 6.30pm


2.3      Update on Council’s actions
No update.




    A resident asked if there would be any updates on proposed works to the village hall.
  2. Cheshire Agricultural Society – Mr R Davenport, Show Director
    Mr R Davenport spoke to the council about the history of the showground up to the current day. A discussion took place about the proposed ‘green corridor’.

            Mr R Davenport spoke about the events that will take place in 2024 and the Society’s hopes to establish a rural event hub.

The Society’s main event is the County Show and plans are in place to make the occasion more family friendly.


Cllr C Hart thanked Mr R Davenport for his update and expressed the council’s hope that, moving forward, a strong relationship would be forged with the Society.


  1. Report from CE Cllr K Parkinson re Cheshire East Council matters

            A report had been received after the agenda had been published and it was AGREED that the Clerk would distribute to all Councillors.


  1. Finance


7.1      To note current financial position (see monthly summary).

            The monthly summary to 31st March 2024 was NOTED (updated from 26th March as shown on the agenda). The payments in Appendix 1 were NOTED.

Opening Bal   65,727.11
 Expenditure     4,587.69
 Income         110.00
 Closing Balance   61,249.42
 Bank   61,249.42











7.2      To note new payments made between meetings:

            The following payments were NOTED:

            Payee                         Supplies                              Amount

P Dale Roofing         Emergency Repair            £120.00

Clerk                           BT internet – Oct/Mar    £264.42

All the payments had been made under the Clerk’s delegation.


7.3      To resolve to accept the increase in cleaning for the Village Hall.
It was RESOLVED to accept the increase in cost from £21.00 a week to £22.50 with effect from 1st April 2024. Payment of £97.50 to be made monthly in arrears by standing order.


  1. To receive reports from committees and working groups

8.1      Neighbourhood Plan Working Group
Cllr A Knights reported back on the meeting held on 3rd April 2024. The group are looking for costings for a separate website that will be linked to the Parish Council website. Cllr A Knights t report back with costings.



  1. Planning matters


9.1      To note and consider updates on planning applications received and other planning matters (please click on application number to access details online)


24/0821M land off Spinks Lane, Pickmere

Full Planning – conversion/change of use of the existing barn off Spinks Lane into a single dwelling for the owners to run their market gardening business whilst being on the site and being able to be hands on at all times and maintaining the security of the site.


The Parish Council RESOLVED to object to the application on the following ground:


  1. Policy RUR3 Agricultural and Forestry Workers Dwellings states that – Proposals for essential rural workers dwellings in the open countryside to support agricultural and forestry enterprises will only be permitted where they accord with other policies in the development plan and:
  • it can be clearly demonstrated that there is an existing functional need for an additional worker to live permanently at the site.
  • the existing functional need relates to a full-time worker in their primary employment as an essential rural worker; and could not be fulfilled by any other existing accommodation on the site or in the area, which is suitable and available.


The Parish Council does not believe that the application fulfils these requirements and the location is in the green belt.


  1. b) Policy PG3 Greenbelt – aims to keep land permanently open or largely undeveloped.
  2. Reports from Clerk and from Councillors


10.1    To receive an update on the Tree Survey – Cllr P Knights

A discussion took place on the frequency that a tree survey should be undertaken. Cllr P Knights advised that it would be advantageous to complete surveys during different seasons. The optimum period had been noted as 33 months between surveys.
The discussion on contractors took place in part 2.


10.2    To receive an update on the plan to refurbish Clover Drive Playground – Clerk
The crowdfunding page had been verified and can be utilised but further work is required on its appearance. The website, Facebook page, crowdfunding page and letters to businesses need to be in the same format, link to each other and provide a collaborative theme for the project.
It was agreed that a more detailed breakdown of equipment required would be undertaken after the Annual Parish Meeting.
Cllr J Henderson said that it was hoped that children in the village and relatives and grandchildren of residents would be able to use the new equipment in a safe environment.



            It was AGREED to hold a competition asking local children to draw their ideas for the new playground. The competition to be launched at the Annual Parish Meeting


10.3    To discuss the donation of a flagpole – Cllr C Hart
Cllr C Hart informed the council that a donation to provide a flag and a flagpole had been made. The installation would cost £120 and there would an ongoing annual maintenance cost of around £18.
It was RESOLVED to accept the donation, to purchase a union jack and to pay the installation charge of £120.

10.4    To receive feedback from the meeting held to discuss D-Day commemorations – Cllr L Marshall

            Cllr L Marshall updated the council on the ongoing arrangements. The commemoration will be held by the Parish Council and will take place on Saturday 8th June between 12 noon and 3.00pm. The Social Events Group are helping with the organisation and to date no funding is required from the Parish Council.


It was AGREED that the date of the next meeting would be Thursday 9th May at 7:45pm.


  1. To consider a resolution to exclude the public and press under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 1 (2) by reason of the confidential nature of the items of business to be transacted if required.
    It was AGREED to exclude the public and press from the remainder of the meeting.


  1. Annual maintenance of Clover Drive grassed areas
    It was RESOLVED to accept the quote received from WP Lawton of £620.00 to maintain the grassed area ta the top of Clover Drive.


  1. Tree Survey

It was RESOLVED that the quote for £565 from Treestyle Consultancy should be accepted.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm











Appendix 1 – Payments February 2024


Date Description Net VAT Total
01/02/2024 Waste removal – IROS                         3.00          0.48             3.48
05/02/2024 Electricity – TP                      19.44 –       7.22           12.22
05/02/2024 Payroll – January                      10.00          2.00           12.00
09/02/2024 Salaries – Jan                    109.89         109.89
09/02/2024 Salaries – Jan                    137.24         137.24
15/02/2024 Water – TP                         6.17             6.17
16/02/2024 Screwfix                      13.32          2.67           15.99
16/02/2024 Fallen trees                    350.00        70.00         420.00
26/02/2024 Gas – VH                      30.65          1.53           32.18
26/02/2024 Electricity – VH                    122.90          6.14         129.04
26/02/2024 Dehumid – Amazon                    170.81        33.33         204.14
26/02/2024 Stationery – Amazon                      25.80          6.00           31.80
29/02/2024 Salary – Feb                      93.80           93.80
29/02/2024 Clean Matting – CD                    320.00        64.00         384.00
29/02/2024 Remove wood/bench                    115.00        23.00         138.00
29/02/2024 Salaries – Feb                    376.09         376.09
31/01/2024 Cleaning – VH                      91.00           91.00
                1,995.11     201.93     2,197.04