Pickmere News

HS2 – aerial video of route through Pickmere

The following YouTube link brings up a ‘video’ of the HS2 route from Crewe through to Manchester.

Aerial video of the proposed route of HS2 between Crewe and Manchester – YouTube

As the shot passes through Pickmere (after about 5 minutes) you will see the enormous proposed Smokers Brook viaduct, across Linnards Lane and the Brook, and then the next key landmark is the Radio Telescope on Milley Lane.

Please bear in mind that this is a representation of the completed solution, including proposed tree planting (that will in fact take decades to mature), and that it does not show the long years of construction when there will be a series of workers’ and storage compounds situated along the route and serviced by Pickmere Lane and other local roads, and considerable embankment and viaduct construction work within and close to Pickmere, all involving a very substantial number if HGV movements through the parish.

The Parish Council does now have a single plan which shows the proposed scheme as it passes through Pickmere, and the various compounds and other enabling works which are part of the scheme.

Please contact the Parish Clerk if you would like to inspect this plan.