Pickmere News

Provision of large waste bin at the lake

Following complaints received from various sources about the amount of waste generated by visitors to the lake, and consequent discussions, the Parish Council has now entered into a contract with a waste services company to provide a large waste bin near the Pavilion on Jacob’s Way to supplement the litter bins that are serviced by Cheshire East Council.

The new red bin is for all types of waste generated by visitors to the lake – WITH THE EXCEPTION OF DOG WASTE, USED INSTANT BBQs, etc.  The  Waste Services company carries out a  recycling process on the waste from the new bin and obviously those two particular forms of waste should not be subject to this process (clearly the Council would prefer that no-one uses BBQs on the Council’s land at all.)

It is also relevant to add that the bins should not be used for the disposal of household items not generated by visitors to the lake.

The bin will be available for use until the end of September, but will be taken out of use for the winter period, since this saves on servicing costs.

For residents’ information, the Parish Council is responsible for this additional bin and the costs of the contract with the waste services company fall on the Parish Council and thereby the Parish’s Council Tax precept.