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Clerk to Pickmere Parish Council
1 Merehaven Close
WA16 0LP

01565 734618
27 April 2022

Dear Councillor Warren,

Re: Travellers, Spinks Lane, Pickmere

You will recall that I wrote to you just about a year ago to remind you of the long lapse of time since the inception of the problem at Spinks Lane, and the considerable period that has elapsed since the expiry of the moratorium on enforcement action imposed by the Court. However, the problem remains.

Since that letter, the situation at Mobberley Road has evolved to the position that your Council’s Enforcement Notice against the use and works there has just been upheld.

As expressed a year ago, this Council is continuing to explore how it might act to spur your Council into action in respect of Spinks Lane, and again I need to comment that this Council would be extremely concerned if it were to discover that resolution of the situation at Mobberley was to be given precedence over the resolution of our own longstanding problem.

Again, in recognition of your comment to our former Chair, Andrew Shore, and Clerk, Jack Steel, at the meeting of 3rd October 2019 that your Council retains the will to deal with the Spinks Lane issue, we trust that on adoption of the SADPD, hopefully later this year, your Council will again take up action to resolve the Spinks Lane situation as a matter of the highest priority.

While writing, it would be helpful to receive any update as to the legal aspects of the matter which your legal officers were apparently pursuing as long ago as late 2019.

I should be grateful for your further comments. I have taken the liberty of copying this letter to Cllr Kate Parkinson, our district councillor, and Esther McVey MP.

Yours sincerely,


Jack Steel – Clerk to the Parish Council
pp Simon Read – Chair – Pickmere Parish Council