4 July 2023 2.1 Draft Council minutes 6 June 2023

July 2023 Uploaded on June 29, 2023


6th June 2023 at 7.30 pm

Present: Councillors E Campbell, N. Greenwood, C. Hart, J. Henderson, A. Knights, P. Knights, L. Marshall, S. Read, CEC Councillor K Parkinson
Public: 8 members of the public for most of the meeting
Apologies: Nil


2.1 Election of Vice Chair Cllr Hart was proposed by Cllr Marshall, seconded Cllr Greenwood, and was ELECTED as Vice Chair by 6 votes for with 1 abstention.

2.2 Minutes of Annual meeting and Council meeting of 16 May 2023 In relation to both sets of minutes Cllr A Knights pointed out that there was an ‘s’ missing from the end of her and Cllr P Knights’ name and asked the minutes to be amended accordingly. Both sets of minutes were AGREED with these corrections.

2.3 Matters arising from minutes of Annual meeting and Council meeting of 16 May 2023

Ordinary Council meeting agenda item 5.1 Programme of meetings for 2023-24 It was AGREED that the next meeting of the Council would take place on Tuesday 4th July at 7.30pm, with a Councillors’ surgery to commence at 7.00pm. The programme of meetings beyond July would be included on the Council agenda on 4 July.

3. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS Cllrs A and P Knights and Campbell declared an interest in item 9.3 Holding of Coffee mornings at the VH. The Acting Clerk advised that such an interest was non-pecuniary and insignificant and should not prevent the councillors partaking in the discussion and any voting on the item in question.


5. REPORT FROM POLICE PC J Milman had attended and reported to the Parish Meeting that had been held at 6.00pm this evening.

6. REPORT FROM CEC CLLR K PARKINSON Cllr Parkinson made reference to the significant pothole that had appeared on Frog Lane. It was noted that this is now under repair, with that part of Frog Lane closed for 4 days. Cllr Parkinson also informed the meeting that she had repeatedly emphasised to CEC officers the Parish Council’s requests to repaint existing yellow lines on Park Lane, but the officers’ response was that the issue was not of sufficient priority to require action. Cllr Parkinson said that she would continue to press these matters.


7.0 Financial Risk Assessment The Acting Clerk explained the purpose and the content of the Risk Assessment that was appended to this report. Members CONFIRMED the assessment of financial risks.

7.1 Annual Accounts 2022-23 – Annual Governance provisions and procedures for audit Following an explanation of the various appendices and related information, Council:
• NOTED that its accounting procedures had been successfully internally audited;
• APPROVED the Annual Governance Statement and AUTHORISED the Chair and Acting Clerk to sign the return;
• APPROVED the Accounting Statement for 2022-23 and AUTHORISED the Chair and Acting Clerk to sign the return;
• AGREED that the relevant documents should be submitted to the External Auditor in the appropriate timescale;
• APPROVED the Council’s Asset Register as at 31 March 2023;
• APPROVED the proposals for providing appropriate publicity to its Accounts for 2022-23.

7.2 Appointment of Bank signatories The following councillors were APPOINTED to act as bank signatories on behalf of the Council: Cllrs Campbell, Henderson, A Knights and Marshall.

7.3 Bank standing orders and direct debits Council NOTED and RECONFIRMED the bank standing orders and direct debits scheduled.

7.4 Expenditure from Community Infrastructure Levy The report was NOTED and it was AGREED that a copy should be sent to CEC.

7.5 Current financial position The report was NOTED.

7.6 To note, approve or authorise new payments All payments were AGREED, including a payment of £84 for the Village Hall cleaner for June, and a payment to CHALC of £25 for Councillor Induction training (Cllrs A and P Knights).

8. PLANNING The planning application schedule was NOTED.


9.1 Replacement of Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer The Chair reported that he was shortly to have a discussion with a potential locum clerk and would report back in due course. The Acting Clerk said that he would be content to continue as the Council’s RFO for a limited time in order to assist. The Council NOTED the reports and asked that the permanent Clerk’s position be readvertised. In terms of relieving the Acting Clerk of managing hall bookings etc Cllrs Read and Marshall agreed to meet to discuss this topic.

9.2 Councillor Training All members stated that they wished to undertake CHALC Induction training (two councillors had already undertaken the training).

9.3 Holding of Coffee Mornings at VH Following a discussion, members AGREED that the current arrangement should continue whereby no VH hire fee would be charged for this event. The group organising the event were asked to report back to Council from time to time on the continuing success of the event.

9.4 Council petition against HS2 A discussion took place to which the Chair also asked former parish councillors S Flannery and C Tarrant to contribute. SF and CT explained the background to the Council’s current petition to Parliament in respect of the HS2 proposals, making reference to the long history of consultations and meetings between council members and HS2 over the past number of years. In conclusion, Council NOTED the report and RECONFIRMED the Council’s decisions of 6 September 2022 and 7 February 2023 in respect of authority to pay the expenses and costs relating to appearance before the HS2 Parliamentary Select Committee, as outlined in the report.

9.5 Pickmere Neighbourhood Plan It was AGREED that members should meet informally before the next Council meeting to discuss options in relation to the continued preparation of the Plan.

9.6 Refurbishment of Clover Drive Play Area This was similarly AGREED.

9.7 Bank Holiday weekend and Visitor issues Following a discussion, it was AGREED that:
• The IROS black gates should be locked at 8.00pm in summer months and 4.00pm in winter months;
• It should be locked by way of a combination lock, where the number of the combination should be made known to all councillors and Clerk to ensure the possibility of the gates being unlocked in an emergency.
• The lock should be provided in association with the erection of notices on IROS gates stating ‘Private land/No BBQs’.

It was further AGREED that the informal meeting referred to in relation to agenda items 9.5 and 9.6 should also consider the details of the notices to be erected – the number, size and locations.

The Acting Clerk was asked to make further contact with the CEC highways officer who had previously stated that he was to carry out parking surveys in Pickmere during the summer of 2023 with a view to considering the need/merits of extending yellow lines in the village.

9.8 ASB issues This matter was not considered specifically.

9.9 Proposed building of IROS fence Members RESOLVED:
• To action the result of the Parish Poll of early 2023 by confirming that the previously proposed IROS fence will not be built;
• That the Council would take action to recover funds expended on the fence.

9.10 Establishment of Council committees and working groups The report was NOTED, in particular the need for care to be taken in considering such actions. It was AGREED that the informal meeting referred to in relation to agenda items 9.5, 9.6 and 9.7 would give consideration to the areas in which such committees/working groups might be appropriate, and that a further report should be considered by Council in due course.

The meeting closed at 9.35pm.