6 December 2022 8.2 Rept – Licensing application – Dubbed Out – Cheshire Showground

December 2022 Uploaded on December 1, 2022


6th December 2022



1.1 Representations were submitted to CEC following Council’s consideration of this application at the November meeting. Subsequently:

• Further information has been submitted by the applicants via CEC in response to some of the comments made;
• CEC has confirmed that a hearing into the licence application has been arranged for 12 December. It is understood that there are other comments/objections that have been submitted as well as the Parish Councils.

1.2 The further comments received are as follows:

Thank you for getting in touch with the residents’ concerns. Hopefully i can alleviate some of them.
I think there’s a misunderstanding when it comes to the name “DubbedOut” there’s a misconception that it relates to music. It actually relates to Dubs, or classic Volkswagens and VW campervans. So I think it’s important to point out that this is not a music festival for adults but infact a family weekend camping event for Volkswagen enthusiasts.
I see there are some concerns around our experience of events management.
Both myself and my colleague, Mr Neil Green have been working in the events industry for almost 2 decades. I myself have licenced numerous events of this scale, including DubbedOut Festival which took place in June of this year. That particular event was the same size license and infrastructure as we’re planning here and I can confidently say it ran like clockwork. We intend on sticking to the same format and similar number of attendees. We had 1,500 campervans and vehicles on site which amounted to around 3,500 people each day.

One of the issues raised in the objections was access to the Showground and mass vehicle movement at 11pm when leaving.
I have attached a colour coded route map showing the direct route in from the M6 junction avoiding all residential areas(Yellow) and onsite queuing of 1.5km(Blue). Also the exit directly onto the A556/M6 avoiding all residential properties.(Orange)
I’ve also listed below the plans that are already in place which again mimic our last event of the same size and formula.
1. Ticket purchase and check in is online. This speeds up the process at the entrance to the site. We also have around 1.5km of roadway situated onsite allowing hundreds of vehicles to queue off the public road if need be. This is not expected but provisions have been made for the worst case scenario. (Blue on the map provided)
2. Vehicle arrival for campers has been staggered over 2 days to alleviate traffic and any potential queueing. Again, we have planned in such a way that we do not expect queues of more than 20 vehicles.
3. 90% of the vehicles arriving are Campervans and will be staying on site as its a family campervan show/event.
4. Day ticket vehicles will exit directly onto the A556 meaning no traffic will pass the local residents or villages of Tabley, Pickmere or Wincham. There is no reason for any of our event traffic to enter the villages.(Exit marked Orange on the map)
We have a team of stewards and a professional security company at hand for traffic management entering and leaving the site.

5. DubbedOut Festival is a family event with the entertainment, stalls and attractions catering towards families and children. We do have music music but this is not an adult only event or a music festival. We have an indoor stage for bands, a children’s circus, children’s rides, a dog show and a children’s disco.
6. All music will be turned off no later than 11pm to minimise any disturbance to the local community.

Again, i think the name of the event has given the impression that it is a music festival. This is a Volkswagen enthusiasts show for families and we have never had any incidents of vandalism, drug taking or antisocial behaviour related with to our events.
As always we champion close communication with the local authorities and the police with regards our events.
As a family camping group, we fully understand the implications of holding an event and as mentioned in the event management plan, we great advocates for the health of our environment and will as always adhere to our “Leave No Trace” policy.
DubbedOut VW Community is the largest Volkswagen enthusiasts group in the UK and we consider our relationship with our event neighbours, the authorities and our guests of the upmost importance. We believe this event is an asset to the local community, businesses and its families. I hope we can earn your trust and support for the future.
Just to add, I have personally spoken to all of the property owners around the perimeter of the Showground and the response can only be described as highly encouraging and appreciative of being kept informed. The majority are looking to attend the event.

1.3 Council is able as a result of this information to amend your original representations, should you wish, or to withdraw them altogether, or to leave them as they are. There is no requirement to appear at the proposed hearing.


2.1 That members consider the additional information and decide accordingly.


Jack Steel
Clerk to the Parish Council