Pickmere News

Parking near the lake

We all know that there is an issue around parking in Pickmere particularly when large numbers of visitors appear on the sunny days.

The Parish Council has spent the last year trying to secure measures to help deal with this issue. Councillors have liaised with the groups involved in this area, including Cheshire Police, Cheshire East highways, our MP and district councillor. However, there is no simple solution as the Council explained in its bulletin last year (see this link) .

The Parish Council has done the following to try to mitigate the potential problems;
• Reset the cones around the main areas of congestion.
• Constantly petitioned Cheshire East highways to revisit the road lineage situation.
• Liaised with the district councillor (Councillor Parkinson) with regard to the possibility of a discussion about adding further restricted yellow lines in the village, and other road issues.
• Spoken and met with the Cheshire Police about regular checks on unlawful parking in and around the roads in Pickmere.
• Spoken to and liaised with Cheshire East highways about making checks on parking in and around the roads in Pickmere at busy times – although they will not be able to intervene until 1st May when the restrictions on the yellow lines come into force for the summer.
• Added a light at the lower IROS car park to improve security and enable the gate to be opened.
• Liaised with Wincham PC to find a combined approach.

We are continuing to liaise with the various authorities to try and minimise any problems but please remember that the Parish Council itself does not have any rights to enforce parking restrictions, prevent obstructions on the highway, or deal with anti-social behaviour. Our few powers are restricted just to the land we own.

If specific problems arise in relation to parked cars obstructing the highway or footway, or anti-social behaviour, contact the Police on 101. Once the yellow line parking restrictions come into force on 1st May (weekends and Bank Holidays), the yellow line areas are the responsibility of Cheshire East’s traffic wardens. For any such problems, ring 0300 123 5020.

We would also like your support in maintaining the area and would like you to report any damage or breakages to us. Please email the Parish Clerk on clerk@pickmereparishcouncil.com. If you can include your name and phone number it would be helpful.