Two important Parish Council decisions this week August 15, 2020

   Two important Parish Council decisions this week    August 15, 2020
This existing website is some years old and is showing its age.  It is not particularly easy to navigate and keep updated and finding particular items can be quite a complicated matter.  In addition, the website will soon be required to conform to recent Government accessibility requirements.  In itself this would require some work to be carried out on the site.

For these reasons and others (see the report on the Council agenda for 11th August 2020), the Council has decided to completely renew the site.  Work on this has already started and it is hope that this will take a matter of weeks.

One of the elements of the new site will be a page dedicated to the second major decison made on 11 August – that the Council is to proceed to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan.  This is different to a Parish Plan in that its principal aim is to consider planning matters including, importantly, policies for dealing with planning applications that are received.

The Neighbourhood Plan process is encouraged by Government and many Cheshire parishes already have one or are in the course of preparing one.  The process is subject to various Government rules, and other guidance, and requires engagement with local residents.  For more information see the report to Council on the subject, on the agenda for the 11 August Council meeting, or visit the Government website–2

Having only just decided to prepare a Plan, the Council has not yet given any detailed thought to how it will involve the local community in the preparation process. When these decisions have been made, all residents will be informed – the Council wants the whole community to be consulted on the plan, not simply those who attend Parish Council meetings.  In addition, as mentioned above, the new Council website will have a page dedicated to the Neighbourhood Plan, which will contain detailed information, links, etc.

Please therefore keep an eye on this site, on the Council’s Facebook page, and the Council noticeboards.

If you have any queries, feel free to email the Parish Clerk at